Gabriela Duarte Camaño Ramos, Luana Maria Miranda de Oliveira, Sandra Maria Bezerra da Silva


The study is about verifying the troubles that men need to overcome when they start their carrier in education, especially when decide to work with early childhood education. The theme was chosen because not everybody talks about the subject, and people do not see it as an important question. The topic needs more visibility, because it is controversial, people have different opinions about it and they can not come to a conclusion. It was a qualitative research, where was used Josiane Peres Gonçalves and Deborah Thomé Sayão as a starting point. The ladies did an extensive research about man that wants to teach kids, making interviews and collecting information. There is no finishing line for the results, the discrimination with male people working with kids and babies still exists. In fact, it happens to many occupations, but most of the times with women. It is remarkable that there are a lot of boys looking for this job, is easy to see that in colleges and universities, where men are entering to study and become a teacher, in other words, the country is becoming less limited about some opinions, people are opening their minds and Brasil is more unified. It is important to emphasize that in other countries, this is not a problem, probably because the exercise of the law is more appropriate.

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