Construção do código de conduta e ética dos profissionais de coaching cognitivo da UNISANTA

Renata Molitzas, Cristina Gottardi Van Opstal Nascimento


In the discipline of Coaching and Cognitive Theories of Learning in Cognitive Coaching Post graduation at Unisanta, it was proposed a shared activity aimed at the construction of the Code of conduct and ethics of professional coaching. The objective was, that through this collaborative activity, students were encouraged to reflect on the role of coach and grasp certain concepts applied, trying them by double conceptualization process, described by Lerner (2002), and the interaction of bias social and the zone of proximal development proposed by Vygotsky (1991). The evaluation process was established that they were accomplished, allowing the group to build new knowledge.

KEYWORDS: Cognitive Coaching; Code of conduct; Double conceptualization; Zone of proximal development.

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