As competências do professor do século XXI: a tecnologia como instrumento de apoio

Rosely Antonio, Camila Lemos


This research deals with the contribution of information and communication technologies in the learning process of children and the importance of the teacher as mediator of this process. The problematic in falls is related to the difficulty that many teachers feel when they see face to technological resources, revealing that it is not prepared to use technological resources in the classroom. So the question that guides our research is: How to transform technology into an ally of the teacher in the teaching learning and improve their educational practice? The goal is to understand how technology can contribute to student learning and how the teacher can exploit this feature. Through literature review, we present the theoretical foundations that reveal the possible contribution of ICTs to learning. According to the authors studied until the moment we can say that the contributions of new technologies in the learning process are due largely to the fact that technologies are part of the daily life of children and therefore their knowledge, having thus acceptance and student body of the predisposition to be used in the classroom. The use of new technologies in the classroom combined with the students of the proposed information or content favor the development of critical thinking and logical reasoning of students, if well used - description given in the last section of this research. Therefore, we believe it is essential that the teacher knows how to use technology and mediate the process.

Keywords: technology; learning; mediation.

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