A way for the application of Information and Communication Technology in Education

Elifas Levi da Silva, Flávio Alves Monteiro, Marcelo Pereira Bergamaschi


We discuss the issue of limited use of ICTs in education in Brazil and present a way to improve the situation, once it is a powerful feature that has been advancing on in all areas of human activity and has much to offer for education. The need for intensive use of ICT in the educational process has great acceptance and although a lot have been done and invested in this sense, the resources almost don’t reach classrooms, especially at public networks.To  address this problem we present a solution using the Moodle platform that can be hosted in the cloud or in teacher's notebook. It provide access to students through mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets – and computers. This solution, although may not solve the problem immediately, can overcome the lack of structure and make easier the use of ICTs for a great number of teachers and schools, and foster a revolution in the ways of doing education, slowly and bottom-up.

Keywords: ICTs, Digital education, Learning objects, Secondary school, Teacher training.

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