The difficulties of teachers in children-issues structural and educational Education

Irene da Silva Coelho, Virginia Flora Masullo


Childhood Education today is seen as an institution that integrates the functions of educating and caring and considering children in their social, environmental and cultural contexts and allowing interactions and social practices with different languages and contact with the most varied knowledge for building of an autonomous identity. This requires that the teacher has clear what their role in the full formation of the student, for the pedagogical work in this phase requires knowledge and practices necessary for the educational performance considering the development phase and the free expression of children through the possibilities and lived experiences broaden and develop all human dimensions: imaginative, playful, aesthetic, emotional, motor, cognitive, social, creative, expressive and linguistic which are developed by giving oral and written language, mathematics, artistic, body, musical, spatial and temporal . The Labour Early Childhood Education Teacher presents difficulties in establishing relationships between theory and practice for the development of their work, with practices that do not always meet the learning needs of criança.Por it is important to study the teaching work of teachers in Education Children. | Why be working in the Baixada Santista region, plan to investigate how this process is a school of Early Childhood Education.
Keywords: early childhood education; work; activities.

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