Influence of motivational profile in technical performance: Analysis the maintenance sector of industrial systems.

José Mauro Mendes, José Luiz Sendim Alves, Maria Cristina Pereira Matos


Subject that arouses interest among scholars of human behavior, motivation has been presented as a way to answer complex questions about the nature of man. The theme has also been widely used in lectures and classes for training leaders and managers, as well as mobilized to get results. Maslow was never as modern as today. This study aimed to survey the motivational profile in working maintenance workers in a steel company Cubatão, was used for this analysis the questionnaire called Motivograma based on the Theory of Needs Maslow. 72 employees participated in the study, men (94 %) and women (6 %), aged between 22 and 55 years. The results showed greater appreciation of the need for security, self-realization and association. These results indicate that to obtain the engagement of its employees companies need to know the necessidades its professionals and establish appropriate motivational strategies.

Keywords: Motivation. Maintenance. Engagement. Performance.

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