Organizational sociology: The perception of the concept and practice in the port environment

Fagner Evangelista Severo, Renan Fernandes Tinoco, Maria Cristina Pereira Matos


This study seeks to analyze generally how the maritime agencies operating in the Santos Port perceives the concept of organizational sociology in their management models, and more specifically, to identify if there is alignment of the concept with the daily practices and strategies. To identify the alignment between the practice and the concept of the Sociology of Organizations, this study used an exploratory methodology, qualitative, as a method using fieldwork with professionals that work with human resources from companies invited. The results demonstrated that exist the practice of sociology, however, its alignment to the concept is lacking. Moreover, it was also possible to observe that the concept of Organizational Sociology is not known by most respondents, and this result may infer that the teaching of the discipline studied should be stepped up and offered by educational institutions, not only for specific courses, but all graduation courses, because the professional profile of individuals in any area of ​​knowledge is directly linked to those activities where it has a leading position.

KEYWORDS: Organizational Sociology. Management models. Port environment.

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