Ecological Inn: a new concept of tourism accommodation focused on fisheries

Felipe Luiz, Haroldo Lhou Hasegawa


The fishing tourism is currently the fastest growing segment in the world, creating jobs and bringing many benefits to the regions where the practical exists. This scenario has led to a reflection in the society, in addition to the effects of economic growth, with questions about the process of breaking the balance between environmental, socio-cultural and financial issues. Aiming to alleviate or even solve this problem, which involves the need to maintain competitiveness through the use of environmentally friendly services, and in accordance with the rules for the hospitality industry, it is suggested the development of this project  that  aim to present an implantation project of an Environmental Management System (EMS) on the hospitality industry, according to ABNT – NBR 15.401:2006 (Lodging Facilities - System for Sustainability) and ABNT – NBR 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System). The future results of this research will show that it is possible to stimulate improvement of the image of a hotel company and commitment to the environment. We have the opportunity to seek the use of natural resources efficiently, creating opportunities to maximize their competitiveness in the global market based on sustainable development.

Keywords: Environmental Management, ISO 14.001/2004, NBR 15401: 2006, Housing, Sustainable.

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