The public squares of Guarujá-SP an assessment of the legal standpoint of the tourists and of the local citizen perception

Wanda Schumann Raccanichi, Robson Bastos, Fabio Giordano, Mohamed Habib


The aim of this study was to know the degree of satisfaction of residents and tourists who uses three public squares in Guaruja, South coast city of São Paulo State, Brazil. In addition to revitalizing some existing parks, the City has set up other spaces to provide leisure and quality of life, both for children, young people and seniors. The project, coordinated by the Municipal Development and Urban Management serves two distinct profiles: community and tourism. In Asturias Beach it was set an outdoor gym. In Pitangueiras, where there was already a playground for children it was also assembled a outdoor gym on the seafront in a space in the central area between the sidewalk and the beach. In the neighborhood of Barra Funda, the Biquinha square was revitalized to provide leisure and social interaction. Two realities are perceived from the analysis of the data collected for this work: the politics of city hall renovation and maintenance of parks offers more opportunity for entertainment and interaction between people despite of it is been criticized on the environmental and social perspective, by some residents and tourists.

Keyword: Guaruja-SP; public use of squares; city hall policies

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