Experimental marketing influence in low-income customers decision process

Henrique Seiti Nakagawa, Luíza Canato, Marcelo Augusto Silva, Taisa Brandão Condino Taisa Brandão Condino Taisa Brandão Condino, Karen Perrotta Lopes Almeida Prado, Sergio Silva Dantas


The increased of purchasing power in the low-income consumers, result of historical and economic factors, turned these clients into a new market. In this context, the goal of this study was to investigate how the tools of marketing experience impact consumers at the time of purchase, where the awakening of the senses is used as a strategy to transform the presence at the store in an experiment that results in purchase. For this, nineteen interviews with low-income clients were performed, which showed that among the five senses, the most commonly perceived and exploited by customers were the sight and touch. In addition to simple handling, stimulating sensations and experimentation influence customer to feel pleasure when choosing products, favoring his stay in the store.

Key words: experiental marketing; five senses; low-income.

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