Feasibility Study about Contribution by City Halls to Update Maps for Global Positioning System

Marcelo Pereira Bergamaschi, Hélio Augusto de Lima Rangel, Daniel Felipe Ribeiro Braga


Devices used to route guidance based on Global Positioning System (GPS) have become a necessary tool for drivers, however the cartographic informations used by GPS devices are outdated sometimes. Not rarely, the maps have been confusing drivers and giving them problems, like unnecessary fuel consumption and loss of time, and also causing them to enter into areas that are considered dangerous. Some documented cases have come to be fatal. An alternative way to minimize these effects is that prefectures, holders of information about its thoroughfare, contribute significantly for constant updating of the maps. This paper studies the feasibility of them to execute this task. The results show that the city halls are interested in doing this task, however there will be much to do to get its success

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