Conceptual and theoretical aspects on the integration of multifunctional port at work: a Study of the temporary port workers in the Port of Santos

Vladimir Lamas, Grimaldo Prazeres, David Silva, Maria Cristina Pereira Matos


This paper deals with the theoretical and conceptual aspects of the insertion of multifunctional skills training of temporary port workers at the Port of Santos, which today has been studied both in the academic and corporate, as the multifunctional skills training has become a necessity from the impacts caused by the process of modernization of ports. It is understood as a temporary port workers multifunctional people itself, acquiring a body of knowledge, skills and experiences to develop any work activity at the port. To substantiate this study sought to topics such as: multi-functionality, and is one of the milestones in the history of the development of port worker, features of a temporary port workers, essential to know the profile of workers that move the port, another theme was also the formation of skills, which permeates, nowadays, the strengthening of a new culture, to add value to the port through people since come to be recognized as a competitive advantage for the business world. The objective of the research was to analyze and conceptualize the theoretical aspects of the insertion of multifunctionality in the profile of temporary port workers at the Port of Santos. As methodological procedure, the work employed an exploratory study, using the method of literature providing evidence that substantiate theoretically about skills training; multifunctionality, the port of Santos and the characteristics of the temporary port workers. The locus of the research was the port of Santos / SP, which is the largest port in Brazil and has the largest contingent of temporary workers as the national port system. The presented results allowed us to infer that although differences exist between port operators and workers, as the complexity of the subject, they share similar perceptions on the issue.


Multifunctionality; Skills; Port worker.

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