Equipment and occupational diseases of fishermen of ecological station Juréia-Itatins (SP)

Rosane Aparecida Ferrer Doimo, Walter Barrella, André Luiz Rodrigues Mello, Milena Ramires


The artisanal fishery is an activity whose working conditions are still precarious. This activity is represented at the National Classification of Economic Activities (NCEA) with medium-risk (GR-3), where fishermen are informal workers with the responsibility of using their own Individual Protection Equipment (IPEs). This study analyzed the cases of 10 artisanal fishermen who work in the area of the Ecological Station Juréia-Itatins, in the neighborhood of Guaraú, Peruíbe (SP). Most of them do not make use of the IPEs, and do not associate the existing pathologies with their labor activities. Some fishermen have heard about the IPEs, but during the fishing activities the usage of this kind of equipment is not done as they disrupt and do not resist to the task performance either, an example of this is related to the oyster pickers. This information may indicate a lack of familiarity with the appropriate IPEs for each activity, so arrangements of awareness and guidance on the correct use of the equipment are necessary.


Individual and collective protective equipment. Work accidents. Occupational diseases.

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