Profile of artisanal fishery workers health from the ecological station of Juréia-Itatins - Peruíbe/SP

André Luiz Rodrigues Mello, Walter Barrella, Rosane Aparecida Ferreira Domo, Milena Ramires


Fishing is practiced by mankind since prehistoric times with the purpose of obtaining the necessary means of subsistence. Linked to this occupation, there are risks and hazards to the health of their workers. The goal of this study is to know the general aspects of the health of fishermen from Juréia in relation to the populational factors as well as the risk to diseases related to occupational or industrial accidents. The results indicate that the main risk factors for diseases related to the fishery can be divided into: related to the work environment, the behavioral and socioeconomic factors unfavorable to the low level of education; and the fact that they belong to lower social classes. The main health problems were the ones such as skin lesions, ophthalmologic and also urogenital problems and also an observation related to the instruction of the ones who were interviewed about sexually transmitted diseases, among others.


Juréia Fishermen; Populational Factors; Risk Factors; Occupational Diseases; Occupational Health.

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