Identification of factors that influence employability and career management: Focus on professionals on maritime shipping agents at Port of Santos/SP

Fernando D. Di Stefano, Maria Cristina Pereira Matos, Francisco Gravi, Thiago Ferreira


The labor market increasingly demands of the professional, in which it must be prepared to reach a successful career in world too competitive and volatile. During the development of this work was approached many theories that relate the important stages of the professional career management. Through this field research with professional shipping agency located in Santos, were collected information that how these professionals are managing their careers and how they do to keep your own employability in such a competitive market. The intention of this work was to show that through the career management steps, the individual can be directed to the desired success, improving their skills and competencies that can be a differential during their life. The results presented could enhance through comparison that between the checked theory and the surveys, that the individual increasingly worrying to establish concrete purpose to guarantee the future stability of their career and consequentially reach its success.

keywords: Career; Employability; Career Management.

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