MASP - Method of Analysis and Troubleshooting - applied to the management of trails Ecological Station Juréia Itatins / Core Arpoador-County Peruíbe – SP

Vinicius Roveri, Cynthia Stelita Schalch, Milena Ramires


MASP - Method of Analysis and Troubleshooting is a prescriptive method, rational, structured and systematic development of a process of improvement in an organizational environment, aiming troubleshooting and obtaining optimal results. By the above, this paper will aim to apply the technique in the management of trails MASP Ecological Station Juréia Itatins (EEJI), core Arpoador, municipality of Peruibe-sp and demonstrate how this tool can be used effectively in the resolution of problems in health, safety and environment. In addition, the study presents the MASP as a tool for diagnosis and prognosis of problems in the area of ​​QHSE and can therefore be used by other professionals who work with planning and management. The work was developed in the period from 02 to Nov. 4, 2012, during the course of the V Field Master's program in Ecology Unisanta, which occurred in EEJI. The work consisted of interviews with researchers, park rangers and environmental monitors that exposed their perception about the quality of the tracks. After the interview was applied by means of four quality tools (Pareto Diagram, Ishikawa Diagram, Matrix GUT and 5W1H) the 4 stages of the MASP. The results showed that it was efficient technique for discovery of significant causes providing conditions to propose solutions to the continuous improvement of the management of trails EEJI.


MASP; Quality Tools; Ecological Station; Juréia Itatins; Management Tracks

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