Instruments of Law 9985/00: A discussion of its effectiveness in environmental management Mosaic Ecological Station Juréia / Itatins, from Law 12.406/06

Vinicius Roveri, Milena Ramires, Walter Barrella


This article aims to analyze the effectiveness of the instruments of Law 9985/00, SNUC Law, applied as a tool for environmental management in the Mosaic of Conservation Juréia Itatins, face the enactment of State Law 12,406 of 2006. This law excludes reclassifies and incorporates areas and instituted the Mosaic of Conservation Juréia-Itatins, and regulatory occupations. Among the instruments selected for the analysis of effectiveness, there is the creation of the mosaic of protected areas and the preparation of the Management Plan. After the analysis of the effectiveness of the instruments of Law 9985/00 it was established that a direct action of unconstitutionality, ADIN, prevented the continued implementation of the instruments that already had impressive results, making sustainable development the Ecological Station Juréia Itatins.

Key Words

Law 9985/00. Protected Areas. Ecological Station. Juréia Itatins. Law 12.406/06.

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