Rafael Alves Pedrosa


Welcome to Observatório Portuário Volume1 (2022) !

The Santa Cecilia Universitylaunches its electronic journal Observatório Portuário with an annual periodicity in a first volume dedicated to the scientific production generated by its MBA in Port Management and International Operations.

The magazine arises as a result of the ongoing commitment of Universidade Santa Cecília - UNISANTA with excellence in teaching, centered on the construction and transfer of knowledge supported by research, in line with the needs of society and the national and international scientific community.


The effective participation of a competent faculty in the planning and execution of projects related to Brazilian ports, the port-city relationship, the sustainability of port activities and their relationship with the environment, international logistics and foreign trade through a vision multidisciplinary and essentially holistic.


In Volume 1 of the Observatório Portuário magazine, eight scientific articles are presented that summarize part of the research that has been taking place in the MBA in Port Management and International Operations with diversified approaches within the port axis.


The Editorial Board and the body of reviewers of the magazine wish you all a great reading and invites authors in the area to participate in future editions.



Prof. Dr. Rafael Pedrosa


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