Modeling in MATLAB to determine the acceleration time of a pump motor

Leonardo do Espirito Santo, Rodrigo Silvério da Silveira, Dorotéia Vilanova Garcia, Mauricio Conceição Mario, Cláudio Luís Magalhães Fernandes


This work aims to develop a program capable of determining the acceleration time of three - phase induction motors (MIT) applied in the drive of hydraulic pumps. For this, mathematical modeling was developed from the MatLab® tool. In the proposed program, the data of a pump are inserted and this, in turn, provides the motor torque to be chosen for driving it. As soon as the engine is chosen, its data must feed the program, which will be in charge of generating, as a result, the acceleration time of this motor, an important factor, used for electrical protection of these electric machines. The results showed that the engine sizing done from the MatLab software provides greater speed, efficiency and accuracy compared to conventional methods, in addition to avoiding possible errors. It is concluded that the study presents itself as an effective tool for professionals related to this sector, as it results in a faster dimensioning, besides offering flexibility in the development of models dedicated to motor drive calculations.

Keywords: photocatalysis, methylene blue dye, textile industries, water, Advanced Oxidative Processes.

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