Study of the Properties of Special Fuels for Vehicle Assemblers in Brazil Industries

Ulysses Ramos, William Aparecido Celestino Lopes, Wilson Biguetti, Fábio dos Santos Silva, Dorotéia Vilanova Garcia


The available capacity of the automobile industrial park increases in the last two years. So, the headquarters of the companies requested to Brazilian subsidiaries, products for export. To this end, special fuels are required to develop new engines. The aim of this study was to develop an application in MatLab, able to simulate the values of the properties of these fuels, using raw materials known. Limitation of this study is the simulation of properties that do not behave so addictive. As a result, the simulation generated an adequate approach to the data from the laboratory. The conclusion obtained was a proper guidance on how to formulate the fuels from simulations.


Keywords: special fuels; vehicles; export; simulation.

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