Fundamentals of Augmented Reality

Pedro de França Pereira, Pedro Guerra Lourenço, Marcelo Pereira Bergamaschi


In this document, fundaments and concepts related to augmented reality (AR) will be addressed. The AR has emerged many years ago and, since then, it has been growing, evolving from a lab technology and turning into something more and more present in everyone’s lives every day. It is being used in a broad variety of areas, from military gadgets to entertainment tools. The AR shows an enormous range of possibilities for its development. This article will introduce the reader to a vast quantity of information, which covers topics that go from the history and evolution of AR to technologies and concepts that maintain the AR nowadays, also exhibiting the differences between Virtual Reality and AR, showing, additionally, some projects where the latter is used.


Key words: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D

Full Text: PDF


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