Development of a computational tool to determine of the pressure difference in U tube micromanometer

Fernando Souza de Almeida, Dorotéa Vilanova Garcia, Aldo Ramos Santos, Deovaldo de Moraes Júnior, Marlene da Silva Moraes


The manometers are equipment used in the measurement of the pressure in points of a system. Among the manometers of liquid column, the specific tube in “U” micromanometer with reservoirs, because of presenting good exactness, it is employed in the calibration of other pressure gages as it of Bourdon and the electronics. The motivation of the study of this topic can be increased with the job of mathematicians computer programs used in the engineering. The  work present scientific had as since objective calculated the difference of existent pressure in two points observed in the differential U tube micromanometer of two liquids, using a computational tool. In this work, the development of the program took place through Command Window and App Designer of the MATLAB. The reached data approached to the fixed through an equipment of unity experimental in the Unit Operations Laboratory of the Santa Cecília University (UNISANTA). The calculation of the variation of pressure was carried out through the Matlab, where the measurement had been equally used in all the worked situations. The command program effectuated the simultaneous calculations to which they could to determine a pressure difference of with the variation of determined values like the specific mass (kgf/m³) and the specific weight (N/m³), following intervals of 20 ºC in each respected value.


Key words: Pressure difference, matlab, manometry, U tube manometer, unit of water length.

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