Improvement in the positioning system in the output coil cold rolled steel

Carlos Antônio C Gomes, Marcos Tadeu T Pacheco


The process in the inspection line aims inspects, weigh and approve the material. Several equipment make up a line inspection, including, cars elevators that are intended to take the coil mat positioning it and to removing the mandrels and feeding it into the mat out. This paper aims to implement improvements in the positioning system of the car lift, so that it can be removed effectively with a minimal human intervention. A survey of reports daily from the production line inspection during the last 24 months was carried out and charts and graphics ware plotted to locate critical equipment line inspection in terms of annual parades measured in hours. It was found that the elevator car generated a large number of hours of downtime during the process. Analyzing the system more carefully it was noted that these stops occurred during the removal of the core of the coil. A new system was designed that would allow a better positioning of the core in order to reduce the time of stops in the inspection line. It was observed during the system monitoring a monthly average stop in the first year of 68h and 71h in the second year. After completion of the modification it was not observed any more stops due to elevator car. Keywords: Steel, Inspection line, Coil, Car lift, Core coil.

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