Analysis of the use of the apparatus moisture detector

José dos Ramos de Almeida Batista, Aldo Ramos Santos


When one studies construction material, a great deal of aspects must be analysed, such as the chemical and especially the physical ones. As far as physical features are concerned, the materials must satisfy many types of efforts (traction, compression, torsion, shearing and flexion), thermical, acustic and particularly physical features which are presented by the materials to absorb and retain moisture. The initial features (efforts) refer to the stability of the constructions where the materials are applied to. The other features refer to the comfort that we, as human beings, expect from the constructions. Moisture is perhaps the most complicated aspect we can think of. This paper aims at using a moisture detector so as to install a system which may guarantee the total isolation of the walls of a house from ground moisture.

Keywords:Brick walls, Copper conductors, Moisture.

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