Techniques based on Paraconsistent Annotated Logic in the assessment of the mussel Perna perna response (Linnaeus, 1758)

Luiz Fernando G. Nogueira, Camilo Dias Seabra Pereira, João Inacio Da Silva Filho


Due to its wide distribution on the coast of Brazil and necessary attributes to bioindicators, how to accumulate the pollutant, sessile habit and have to be abundant in the environment studied, the mussel Perna perna (Bivalvia, Mytilidae) has been a species commonly used in environmental assessment studies. One of the techniques more used consists in assessing the Lysosomal membrane stability through the test of time Neutral red dye retention. The final analysis is based mostly on visual interpretation of the coloring and size of cells exposed to dyes, which eventually causes the interpretative errors that may affect the conclusions. To provide better treatment to the uncertainties considered interpretations of the data, we present in this paper a quantitative interpretation of the results in which is used the basics of a non-classical logic called Paraconsistent Annotated logic with annotation of two values (PAL2v). For techniques demonstration a numerical comparison study is performed in a secondary source of data and the results were promising with regard to a new form of interpretation that can serve as a reference for studies that deal with the use of the cellular response of Mussel Perna perna.

Keywords: Ecology, Lysosomal Integrity, Paraconsistent logic, Algorithm, Marine pollution.

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