Analysis of economic profitability of a Flexible Production System through the Concept of Computer Integrated

Vander Celio Nunes, Ivanil Corrêa Lopes


This study will analyze the economic viability with increasing production efficiency by reducing the cost of manufacturing, using an experimental research and quantitative basis in preparing the documentation directly, based on obtaining data extracted from laboratory tests on machines and simulators, robots and other devices, concurrent with the occupation machine and subsequently obtain percentage values of production yield from a flexible manufacturing system and experimental teaching, arranged in manufacturing cells linked to each other in the form of an organizational system, which will facilitate obtaining the experimental data, proposing improvements also tested in order to obtain a reduction in the production cost.

The aim of this study is to demonstrate the increased efficiency of production by reducing the manufacturing cost through the optimization of applications according to the characteristics of its integrated manufacturing capacity, focusing on the lot size, the control automated shipping and handling parts, also using the innovations and capabilities of information technology, applied in a flexible manufacturing system.

Keywords: Production, Flexible Manufacturing System, Efficiency, Cost Reduction

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