Operating point in pumping systems for tanks in different dimensions-application of non-linear equations

M. J. F. Costa, K. T. C. Roseno, Deovaldo Moraes Jr, K. T. C. Roseno, A. Santoro


The algebraic study of pumping feeding only one point is vast in the literature, however, are rare work on simultaneous feeding of two or more tanks in different dimensions. The pumping systems in branched networks has several applications, such as in public water supply, agricultural irrigation, fire systems, oil flow and General industries (PORTO, 2006). Within this context, the present study aimed to develop a simple algebraic method for calculating the operating point of a centrifugal pump that feeds two tanks in different dimensions. The algebraic method was compared with the traditional graphic methods and computational method EPANET, besides being proven experimentally in a pilot unit. A diversion of 9% and 2.5% for the flow and head, respectively, was obtained between theoretical and experimental values being then proposed an algebraic algorithm to determine the operating point of a pump in branched network. The application of algebraic algorithm features as leverage, in relation to the graphic process, a solution with less accumulation of errors, in addition to the reduction in demand for run-time determination of the conditions of operation of the pumping system.

Keywords: centrifugal pump. branched systems. algebraic method. pump curve. load loss.

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