Intelligent Interface for Automation and optimization in the management of process Lines based on Optimized production technology (OPT) and theory of constraints

Debora A. C. Nogueira, Claudio R. Torres


The present work shows the application of two intelligent interfaces installed in two different production lines, where one of the products with various finishing models need to be made ​​in these two lines. One of the lines has operating restrictions and both need to achieve the goal of production without compromising the volume of other products. Using the Optimized Production Technology ( OPT ) and Theory of Restrictions ( TOC ) this interface is responsible for making product identification, analyze technical restrictions, ensure that there is no production order duplicate and calculate the amount in circulating in the volume between the start point mounting to the choice point line. All this decision is necessary due to the volume restrictions or compliance informed by the planning department. This system allows the entry and monitoring of the production volume is managed remotely, allowing the volume change in real time.


Keywords: Product Identification, Intelligent Interface, Automatic Decision, Production Flexibility, OPT

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