Comparative between coefficients Sieder-Tate equation for heat transfer through tubular baffle

Marcilio Dias Lopes, Carlos Alberto Moino, Vitor da Silva Rosa, Anne Carolina Roche Garcia Silva, Deovaldo de Moraes Jr


Tanks equipped with mechanical impellers for heat exchange systems are commonly used in chemical and petrochemical industry. Can be used as heat transfer surfaces the vertical tubular baffles. This study aimed to compare the coefficients of the equation Sieder-Tate  found in the literature with the results obtained experimentally. The experimental unit consisted of a 50 L tank, axial impellers and radial and baffle vertical tubular copper. Water was used as the fluid heater, at a flow rate of 1.8 L / min and 62 ° C at the inlet and the cold fluid such as water also was used with a flow rate of 1.0 L / min and temperature in the range of 29 to 45 ° C at the entrance. Obtained operation continues for the experiments with baffles and tube type impeller with 4 blade propeller at 45 ° constants "k" to 0.129 "to" 0.794, "B" and 0.3 "c" 0.14. With the turbine with 6 flat blade type impeller constants were "k" to 0.124 "a" of 0.843, "B" and 0.3 "c" of 0.14.

Keywords: Vertical tubular baffles, equation Sieder Tate, axial and radial impeller.

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