Essay about management of technical risks in corrective maintenance

João Gabriel Trajano da Silva, Robson Vieira, Marcelo Pereira Bergamaschi, Renato Penha


Some studies show that one of the main risks in software maintenance projects is directly linked to failures in the management of technical risks. The origin of these projects occurs under the following circumstances: need for corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, upgrading and preventive maintenance. The consequence is having a postponed deadline regarding the initial date, because of issues with the corrective maintenance of software involved. Inserted in this background, this paper shows how risk management technicians employed on corrective maintenance of software projects can increase success rate in delivering projects. With descriptive research as methodological foundations, this article aims to discuss the results of using the risk management techniques in corrective maintenance employed by a Brazilian software development. Based in this approach, we can identify factors that contributed to the reduction in the rate of deadline delays in corrective maintenance on software projects. The results indicate that after using the new techniques in the management of technical risks applied to corrective maintenance, the company reduced the amount of projects delivered out of schedule in 33,4% in 2008 to 25% in 2012.


Keywords: Software Development and Maintenance, Technical Risk Management, Corrective Maintenance.

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