Engine/fan to the experimental unit of pneumatic conveying in diluted phase: displacement of soya beans

V.A. Tavares, Karina T.C. Roseno, Deovaldo Moraes Jr, Aldo Ramos Santos


The Experimental Unit of Pneumatic Conveying of the Laboratory of Unit Operations of Unisanta was initially designed to study the displacement of particles of polyethylene and polypropylene. Initial studies with transport of soybeans, due to its higher density indicated the need for a higher fan power to avoid the accumulation of this legume in the underside of the pipe. The study aimed to specify an engine for the system. The analysis of operating conditions indicate the use of a three-phase motor, 220/380V, 2-pole, 3500 rpm and 3 HP.


Keywords: Pneumatic Conveying, Dilute Phase, Soybean.

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