A study for comparative Evaluation of Cyanide Removal in Coke Plant Wastewater by Chemical Methods

JLS Alves, J.M. Mendes, Antonio Santoro


Cyanide is a very toxic component for all types of animal life . The effluent from coke oven plants contain significant amounts of this contaminant , which it is obtained in the reactions of pyrolysis of coal in the  production of metallurgical coke . There are several processes to cyanide removal in wastewater , but its application depends on trial tests. In the present study, it was tested four different removal processes at laboratory scale, from the traditional process using ferrous sulfate to the chemical oxidation using hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide . The tests were realized , varying pH, homogenization and dosing conditions and the best results, at the end of the study, ocurred by use of copper and iron salts under certain process conditions.


Keywords: Wastewater , cyanides , Coke plants.

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