Response Simulation of Industrial Processes with FOPDT (First Order Plus Dead Time) model

F.J.C. Branquinho, Maurício Conceição Mário


Industrial automation companies that need to develop new control algorithms require intense testing of yours controllers before they are submitted to real processes. This paper evaluates the performance of a First Order Plus Dead Time - FOPDT model used to simulate the behavior of real plants used during development of control algorithms. To take the evaluation, response curves were obtained from two distinct real plants. With such data, two FOPDT models were parameterized and used to confront their response values ​​with the results of real samples obtained from the real plant. As a result of this study, was found that this type of model presented promising initial results that validated it to a broader use . However, it was also found that this model need be used with restriction in cases where the process variable rising behavior is different from the process variable decreasing behavior.


Keywords: Control, process, FOPDT, modeling.


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