A study to determination of thermal conductivity of in-sulating solid materials in cylindrical conductivimeter

Hernandes Souza Brandão, Marcelo Oliveira Penco, Carlos E. Ferreira Leite, Gustavo Rodrigues, Aparecido J. Santana, Tamires C. Silva Santos, Maria Fernanda Bastos, Aldo Ramos Santos, Deovaldo Moraes Jr


Abstract: Thermal conductivity is a thermophysical propertythat indicates the amount of heat flowing through the material, which ranks theconductor or insulator , according its high or low value . This value isdetermined experimentally. The need for thermal protection in variousengineering equipment and industrial processes directs research to seek moreefficient thermal insulation and lower cost, but most of the classical methodsfor measurement of conductivity requires compression and molding of thesematerials, which increases the cost evaluation. This paper presents a newalternative method of determining thermal conductivity of insulators: theapplication of a hollow cylinder with internal generation of heat, withoutinfluence of convection and thermal radiation in unsteady state for powderedmaterials. Experimental results of thermal conductivity of quicklime and commercialindustrial waste phosphogypsum into the cylinder through the thermophysicaldata of calcium silicate as a comparative parameter, demonstrating theefficiency and reliability of this new method by the values obtained.Keywords:cylindrical conductivimeter , thermal conductivity of solids , thermalinsulation , heat conduction in unsteady state.

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