Heat Efficiency of Static Mixer Type LPD in a Dual-Tube Heat Exchanger

M. M. Tavares, V. R. Santos


Static mixers are devices consisting of geometricalelements that make the mixing, set inside a tube . Also known as mixers have aline of small technology maintenance, easy installation and of inducing considerableimprovement process , and allows mixing and dispersion of different fluidsevenly , where will drain the desired product . Their loss is not considered tobe large, has the possibility of shaking many types of fluid to the view thatboth the tube and the mixer may be manufactured by several types of materials.Heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat and are classified accordingto the flow and type of construction. Differentiate changers for cocurrent flow, where the hot and cold fluid entering and leaving the heat exchanger in thesame direction , the counter flow , in which the input and output of the hotfluid are opposite to the cold fluid and the cross-flow in which a fluid flowsperpendicularly to each other. This study aimed to quantify the pressure dropand heat transfer efficiency of a static mixer type LPD ( Low Pressure Drop )within a double tube heat exchanger . The results obtained in the experimentalunit will be compared with those obtained without static mixer and the staticmixer type Kenics . Considering that it is not advisable to use a static mixertype Kenics in fluids with low viscosity , this work is to increase theefficiency of heat exchange in the use of these types of fluids as well as toanalyze the relationship of the pressure drop between them . Keywords: Heat Exchanger, static mixer, Kenics,LPD, thermal exchange.

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