Selection of Industrial Transport Systems for Surface Mining Project: Ore Pipeline, Trucks, Belt Conveyors

Fabio Almeida Chaves, Luis Roberto Bastos Lia, Deovaldo de Moraes Jr., Aldo Ramos Santos, Marlene Silva de Moraes


This study aimed to present a method for comparing industrial transportation systems of a phos-phate concentrate surface mining project. The transportation systems assessed were: ore pipeline, long dis-tance belt conveyors (LDBC) and off-road trucks. As a result, the impacts on economic behavior, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of each of the above mentioned systems for a distance of 8 to 9 km, were assessed. In light of the above criteria, it was found that the ore pipeline, was regarded as being the best industrial transportation system for phosphate concentrate, this because long distance belt convey-ors being 43% more expensive than the latter system, as well as off-road trucks also being 12% more expensive.

Keywords: ore pipeline, belt conveyors, trucks, phosphate concentrate.

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