Analysis of gain of Energy in Process tanks using thermal insulation of Liquid surface with Plastic Balls

Antonio Pousa Neto, Marcilio Dias Lopes, Paulo Rogério Meneses de Sousa, Vitor da Silva Rosa, Eliane da Silva Gois, Thiago Cilli, Deovaldo Moraes Junior


Process tanks which have an open surface are widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industry. When these tanks are filled with hot liquids, there is a loss of energy due to heat loss to the environment by convection, radiation and evaporation. This study evaluates the effectiveness of the thermal insulation of the surface of liquid through the installation of plastic balls. The experimental unit consisted of a 50 L tank, heat exchangers, Douglas balls of 25 mm. Water was used as a hot fluid, with flow in the range of 1.0 to 1.55 L/min and temperature range 55-66°C. The results allow affirming that it is possible to recover 85% of the heat transferred.

Keywords: Balls; evaporation; tanks, energy.

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