Research of the effect of of Process Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Structural Plates of C-Mn-Nb-Ti Steels

Patrícia Pala Diniz, Yago Reitz de Castro, Willy Ank de Morais Ank de Moraes


Depending on the particular application of the plate material behavior is required. For the same alloy design and a range of thickness, it can be used different production process types. This works presents the effect of the production process on the mechanical properties of plates, with examples of results obtained in structural plates of C-Mn-Nb-Ti steels. Tensile and Charpy impact tests results were used to evidence the differences between properties of the plates produced by controlled rolling, normalizing rolling and normalizing by furnace.

Keywords: Plates; Microalloyed steels; Normalizing; Controlled rolling.

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