Preparation of The Pilot Project for Monitoring Evaporator and Training Modes and cleaning of fouling resulting from process

Claudio Rodrigues, Luiz Henrique Schiavon


This article presents guidelines to design, build and test an evaporator capable of minimizing fouling, which arise in the process steps of increasing concentration of products such assugar, cellulose, and black liquor. The constructive principle is based on the fixation of only one side of the heat exchanger to allow its expansion, when the scales are removed by thermal shock during the switching operation. Its construction will be of the plate type heat exchanger, making it flow steam therein and the fluid to be concentrated at the outer side of the plate. For proper operation, it will have peripheral devices for input and output of steam condensed on the heating side and the side of the recirculation fluid when increased in concentration. Work also appears in the parameters to be evaluated for performance and application testing as well as analysis of the ease of removal of fouling.

Keywords: Evaporator, Fouling, Black Liquor, Maintenance Evaporators.

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