The relevance of the process control and knowledge acquisition for the environment

Gilmar Ferreira de Aquino Filho, Jonas Teixeira Machado, Luiz Henrique Amaral, M. Maciel Delourdes, G. C. Luiz Castro


These work focuses on the relevance of the process control and the acquisition of knowledge for the environment. The Science and Technology, in this twenty-first century, are constantly advancing, due to new products that have been produced and that has a positive impact on society, contributing to the progress of humanity. However, many of these products are made in its raw material, toxic elements that bring harmful consequences to the planet and the population in general. Excessive and unnecessary consumerism cause environmental impacts that diminish the natural resources, damaging the flora and the fauna, producing large amounts of waste, causing pollution, contamination of soil, air and water. No need to create an awareness in the population the use and recycling of these products and there is nothing better than the school, by teaching a more concrete and transdisciplinary science to form citizenship. You need to know how to value things dosing their use, properly, to contribute to the survivor-vival of the Earth.

Keywords: Science. Technology. Society. Natural Resources. School.

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