Scale up of pressure data losses in pumping systems for heterogeneous Quartz slurries

Luis Paulo Garcia, Thiago César Souza Pinto


This paper presents a comparison study between the pressure losses measured for different diam-eters and the data obtained by calculation of scale-up by affinities laws as described by Wilson et al. (2006). In the methodology presented by the authors two rules should to be considered to make the scale-up of data in the turbulent flow: the first is applied to make the scale -up of pressure loss, and the second is used to scale up of the average velocity. Using the scale up model described by Wilson et al. (2006) for pseu-do-homogeneous turbulent flow, managed to stagger to the diameter of 50.8 mm the data obtained experi-mentally by Souza Pinto (2012 ) for quartz slurries in heterogeneous flow in a diameter of 25.4 mm. The comparison of the data calculated by scaling to a diameter of 50.8 mm, and the data obtained experimentally by Souza Pinto (2012 ) for this same diameter, showed that the data deviation was less than 15%.

Keywords: Slurry pipeline. Scale up. Quartz.

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