Study and Development of Gas Cleaning Equipment of the Otto Cycle to Confined Environments

Alexandre Jusis Blanco, Karina Tamião de Campos Roseno, Aldo Ramos Santos


The involuntary inhalation of exhaust gases from internal combustion engines cause several respiratory problems and may, depending on the toxicity, lead to death. This problem is even more aggravating in mechanical workshops, as they perform vehicle maintenance and the existing ventilation is insufficient to re-move gaseous pollutants emitted by tailpipes. Within this context, the present study aimed to develop a simple construction equipment and low cost that was capable of capturing and treating the gases emitted from exhausts of vehicles that pass by the maintenance workshops. The designed equipment was called Device for gas Cleaning of the Otto Cycle (DLGO, Dispositivo para Lavagem de Gases do Ciclo Otto), this was con-nected to the exhaust of a automobile and then the gases emitted after passing through were analyzed in a PC device Electronic NAPRO MULTIGAS, which detected combustion products CO, CO2, hydrocarbons (HCs) and O2. Comparison of gas emissions by exhausts of vehicles before and after the installing DLGO showed a reduction of approximately 83% the emission of HCs, 90% of CO and 95% of CO2.

Keywords: Gas Washer. Sustainability. Air quality

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