Viability Analysis of Manifolds Usage in a Subsea Production System

Christiane Simões dos Santos, Gustavo Silva Teixeira, Fernando Cesar Silva Eufrasio, Lucas Nicolay Pizzatto, Alexandre Monticuco Xavier, Luís Paulo Garcia


Abstract: Manifolds are one of the largest equipment used in a subsea production system. It consists of tubes and valves that works combining, distributing, controlling and many times it is responsible for monitoring the stream of fluids. Once it plays an important role in the field production, a precise analysis of the manifold’s viability is required to assure the subsea arrangement with this equipment is the best option to the field development. This work presents a viability analysis of manifolds usage in a subsea production system elaborated through computational simulations. The results show that in the appraised subsea production system where the wells were drilled on a roughly distance of 8 km from the platform, the usage of manifolds demonstrated to be economically viable

Keywords: manifolds; viability analysis; subsea arrangements; subsea production systems


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