Microstructure and mechanical properties of a welded joint by Manual welding process Gas Metal Arc Welding

Alexandre Jusis Blanco, Jordan Souza Higa, Maurício Andrade Nunes, Willy Ank de Morais


Abstract: To determine the mechanical properties of a welded joint becomes necessary to know the mechanical properties of filler metals arising from a welding process. The objective of this work is to check the mechanical properties of a weld MAG developing and qualifying a welding procedure. For this we will use four mechanical tests: traction, determines the yield, of rupture, elongation and contraction; macrographic, determine, to the naked eye, the molten zone, the zone, the zone thermally affected zone and the base metal; micrographic, determines the micro-structural components of weld and base metal; hardness, the tenacity of the weld and base metal.

Keywords: Welding; Metallography; Hardness; Test; Steel

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