Pitting corrosion analysis on heat exchange plate of Austenitic material of a heat exchanger

Leonardo Peres de Souza, Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco


Abstract: This work aims to characterize the pitting corrosion located evidenced in heat exchange plates of a heat exchanger of a process unit cooled by cooling tower water without chemical treatment to eliminate impurities. The characterization of the damage occurred after the removal of samples in previously identified points using non-destructive test penetrant for chemical analysis by spectrometry optics for correct identification of the league and its components and comparison with the indicated plates manufacturing standards. Metallographic test performed through stereo microscope to identify the type of surface pitting and scaling and later micrographic analysis in the cross section of the damage to assess its depth and electrochemical corrosion attack of the grain boundaries. With these metallographic analysis of the material together with the chemical analysis of components of cooling water circulating in the heat exchange plates can observe proper characterization of the high pitting corrosion in a chloride oscillation equipment operation period, promoting the electrochemical pitting corrosion.

Keywords: pitting corrosion, Austenitic Steels, Corrosion Electrochemistry.

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