Analysis of Effects and Specification of the gas lift Injection Parameters in an oil Well

Luís Paulo Garcia, Tosca De Lucca Benine, Dayanne Mascarenhas dos Santos, Thiago Andreotti


The gas lift method consists on the gas injection inside the production tubing to decrease the medium density of the fluid that is being produced by the reservoir. This way, it is possible to reduce the gravitational gradient inside of the tubing and the necessary pressure on the bottom of the well to move the produced fluid to the surface. To drain the produced fluid, the reduction of the required pressure on the bottom of the well allows an increase of the production flow by the reservoir, thus, increasing the oil production. This work aimed to evaluate the influence of the gas injection in the production of an oil well through simulations in steady state and then, determine to this well the main parameters related to the specification of the gas lift system. With the well’s simulations made by the PIPESIM® software, it was possible to determine the optimum point of gas lift injection, the production’s gains, the necessary injection pressure in the bottom of the well and the position of the gas injection valve.


Keywords: Artificial lift method, gas lift, gas injection, flow production rate.

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