Optimized Process for Manufacturing Polyester Belts used for Transporting Loads

João Carlos Martins, Douglas de Jesus Passoni, Ricardo de Deus Carvalhal, Ricardo Reiff G. Pinto G. Pinto, Silvio Nunes Augusto, Luis Carlos Rodrigues, Claudio Rodrigo Torres


The search for lower cost or that to promote technological innovation materials has been an action of most companies, especially industrial. Allied to this, reduce the total cost of production is equally important to how perpetuity assurance factor of companies. The application of statistical methods in production processes is no longer an alternative but a condition of survival and sustained growth. For economic and financial success of an industrial organization every step of the manufacturing process should be permanently analyzed either by the amount of necessary resources or by the time involved or any other measures leading to lower its cost. The form used to demonstrate this was the use of software Arena® where just changing a parameter 3 of the stages of production of polyester straps obtained a reduction of 39% in the total production time.

Keywords: Statistical methods. Webbing slings. Lashing. Lifting. Textile industry.


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