Application using the Automated Financial Staff of SMS Bank Tool to update System Automatic

André Rascio Dini, Andrews Fernandes Egas, César Augusto da Silva, Kaique Oliveira da Silva, Maurício Neves Asenjo


Nowadays, you can understand the difficulty that people have to make your personal financial control, something is mandatory today. Some still using traditional forms to manage their costs, making spreadsheets and notes, which creates a discomfort to update the data. This article submits an application for smartphones with a financial control practice intelligent and innovative that hosts the finance transactions arising in bank account user. Methodology involved in the system adopts a relationship between the bank account and the application using the SMS (short message service) bank. These SMS’s respect to say serves, deposits, income and expenses of credit card, debit and transfers and may be a free service depending on the adopted bank. Arising out of this service the application has read this message and capacity to identify some information as the value, location, day and update the application in the same instant SMS delivery. The application is available for any mobile with android operating system. The versions of from identified initial testing the control and update of data were much more agile with regard to interactive with the user. The end of development is concluded that the user experience with the application will not be routine and cloying, since the manual form data entry will not happen so often helping so the continuity of the financial control

Keywords: control; Finance; application software.


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