Managing Emerging Hazardous Wastes in Brazil

Anália Araújo Macedo, Luís Paulo Sant'ana


Brazil is known as a great generator of hazardous waste, it generates the second greatest quantity of e-waste among emerging countries. The National Policy on Solid Waste provides for guidelines on joint and environmentally appropriate management of solid waste, and regulates issues such as joint management, proper allocation and disposal, and shared responsibilities. The poor management of hazardous waste may tend to cause high levels of exposure and allows a prediction of huge quantities of waste in the future. In this case, an understanding of waste segregation must also be created among the general public. The informal sector currently recycles some high-value e-waste; policies made should therefore involve and maximize the potential of the sector. This report has evaluated hazardous waste generation and physical characteristics, existing hazardous waste management system institutional and financial aspects, prediction of future waste quantities and major problems and issues associated with hazardous waste in Brazil. 

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