A computational analysis using MatLab in fluid mechanics directed to the law of affinity and its applications

Hermes Cancio Santos, Dorotéa Vilanova Garcia, Aldo Ramos Santos, Marlene Silva de Moraes, Karina Tamião de Campos Roseno, Deovaldo Moraes Júnior


MatLab is a powerful tool in terms of technical computing. Its name comes from the connection of the words Matrix Laboratory. This is the operational base of the software, which are matrices. It is a very versatile tool in mathematics, modeling and simulations, numerical analysis and processing algorithms and graphical views. Being a widely used tool in universities and colleges and in introductory or advanced courses in mathematics, sciences, espe-cially in engineering, the software achieved the status of research and development project tool. The present work aims to study, apply and analyze the importance of MatLab in the studied processes within the fluid mechanics and its appli-cations, more specifically at the law of affinity.

Keywords: MatLab, Fluid Mechanics, functionality

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